Tumbling Classes

Fun and fitness. That is what our tumbling classes are all about. Our tumbling classes incorporate fun drills and strength building movements to help our students progress through 8 different levels of tumbling. Our coaches are hands on and they teach their classes how to apply the proper technique to each skill taught. Whether you are looking to cheer some day or just want a fun activity for after school, our tumbling classes are a perfect option. When you begin we will evaluate your student to make sure they begin in the right classes. Our members enjoy UNLIMITED classes per week.

Our tumbling classes are structure for the most effective progression of learning. We have a color coded wristband system that allows our students graduate classes and collect the bands as they move up just like you would see in Karate with their belts.

Tumbling Descriptions

Level testing happens every 12 weeks, at these formal evaluations your student will receive a progress report from their coach, and will receive special recognition if they have mastered the class! We use a 5-star mastery system to track the progress of our students’ skills. This list is available to our students to see and review. It typically takes 12 months for a student to graduate to the next class. There are factors that will influence this time line like: number of classes attended, consistency of classes attended, at-home practicing and reinforcement the student is completing.


Light Pink Wrist Bands

Our Developmental Classes are for 4 & 5 year olds who are looking for a fun and interactive start to learning tumbling. These students love to go upside down and roll around the house. This class is designed to use imagination and fun to learn the basic tumbling body shapes as well as introduce beginner tumbling skills like forward rolls, half-handstands, C-Rocks, and even cartwheels.


Teal Wrist Bands

This class is typically for students ages 6 – 10 years old. Although, we do see some older students in this level at some times. Fundamental 1 students learn the foundation of tumbling skills such as body shapes, precise body movement, and also muscle engagement. In this class, our students will learn how to use their body in the proper way to ensure they are learning safely.


Dark Pink Wrist Bands

This class is for students who have mastered the body shapes, movements, and muscle engagements from Fundamental 1. Students in this class are typically 7 – 12 years old. This class introduces skills such as tuck forward and back rolls, handstands, candlesticks, cartwheels, and backbends.


White Color Wrist Bands

This Class is for students who have mastered all the skills learned in Fundamental 2 class. Students in this class are typically 8 – 12 years old. Students will learn how to master a round off, a kick-over from a bridge, as well as variations of forward, and backward rolls.


  • Beginner 2 – Green Band
  • Intermediate 1 – Red Band
  • Intermediate 2 – Blue Band
  • Advanced 1 – Purple Band
  • Advanced 2 – Black Band
  • Elite – Orange